Monday, November 9, 2009

Thinking of Spring...

Spring semester, that is...
5 more weeks until baby is due-
only 2 more weeks of Belly Dance classes and no more prenatal classes for now-
but that just means I have plenty of time to plot & plan for next semester!

Classes will start again in February,
and we have a couple exciting new classes to announce:

Just Drills
Tuesday night 5:30-6:30
this class is intended for students with some dance experience or who are taking a concurrent technique class to get a little extra practice in. We will not take a lot of breaks for explaining or breaking things down. Students should already be familiar with basic Belly Dance movement vocabulary, but I will make corrections as needed.
14 week session, $180, $125 if taken concurrently with technique class, $15 drop in

Raqs Sharqi Belly Dance Level 1
Tuesday nights, 6:30-7:30
6 week session, $80, full semester (12 weeks), $150, $15 drop in

Men's Choreography class
Thursday nights, 5:30-6:15
This 14 week session will focus on learning a choreography for men only which will be presented at the spring recital, May 8, 2010. Concurrent technique class is required since we will focus solely on nailing this choreo for the duration of the class.
Since this is a shorter, choreo based class, the fee is only $125 for the 14 week semester
Drops ins are discouraged because we really need you here the whole time!

Intermediate/Advanced class
Thursday nights, 6:30-7:30
In addition to advanced technique, we will be working on a sagat ensemble piece for the spring recital- that's right, you and your classmates get to dance to your own, unaccompanied finger cymbals! you do not have to perform to participate in this class (but you know you want to!) I will have mp3s of the finger cymbal parts by the first week of December, so you can be practicing those cymbals while waiting for class to start again in February!
14 week session, $180 or $15 drop in.

New payment options too!
You can now pay for more than one session at a time & save, or set up a monthly payment plan. Watch for the nifty new buttons on the revamped website, due to go up later this week! Yay!

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